Indicators That Associated With The Presence Of Juvenile And Adult Onset Diabetes

Indicators That Associated With The Presence Of Juvenile And Adult Onset Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1, often called “juvenile diabetes,” is diagnosed in childhood, and is the most common form of diabetes that children develop. Type 2, or adult-onset diabetes, is diagnosed in adulthood.

Some children develop Type 2 diabetes, which until recent years was considered a form that only adults develop. The numbers of children developing this form of diabetes is increasing.

Type 2 diabetes often develops because of lifestyle choices. This is especially the case when it develops in childhood. Often, Type 2 diabetes develops in part because of poor diet. However, diet is not the sole cause.

It is important to point out that this does not mean that all overweight children, or all children who have poor diets, are going to be diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. It does mean, however, that compared with kids who are of a healthy weight and who have healthy diets, their chances of receiving this diagnosis are increased.

There are other symptoms of or factors associated with Type 2 diabetes in children. These include:

A child who is overweight or obese. Weight is strongly associated with developing Type 2 diabetes. Having an immediate family member, often a parent, who has Type 2 diabetes also indicates increased risk for a child.

Increased frequency of urination, feeling thirsty all the time, and being extremely tired and lethargic are symptoms of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Diagnosing Type 2 diabetes in children is not always straightforward. Some children who have Type 2 diabetes will not display any of these common symptoms. Because of this, it is crucial to inform your family physician of any family history of the disorder, and to take children for regular checkups.

At the doctor’s discretion, patients may be tested for diabetes even without symptoms, especially if there is a family history that suggests increased risk.

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