Why Eat Natural and Organic Food?

Why Eat Natural and Organic Food?


NATURAL AND ORGANIC FOODS are foods that are free of chemicals, genetic engineering, irradation, pesticides and herbicides. A natural and organic food is far superior to conventionally grown food in a number of ways:1. Many More Vitamins and Minerals in Organic Food~ Growing organic foods does not strip the soil of vital minerals and nutrients. These nutrients are then absorbed into the food. Pesticides and herbicides also slow the ability of plants to produce anticancer compounds called polyphenols. Natural and organic food also has substantially higher levels of antioxidants compared to conventional food.2. Conventional Food is Loaded with Chemicals~ Chemicals, additives, herbicides, preservatives, pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals and antibiotics can all be found in our regular food and water. When you eat this food, alot of these contaminants end up being stored in your body fat. This contributes greatly to many different types of diseases. Eating natural and organic foods will really help to prevent this junk from messing up your body.3. Organic Food Supports Weight Loss~ All of the toxins and junk in conventional food clog up your liver and colon. When the liver is clogged it can''t metabolize fats and the fat gets sent back into your body. The colon also backs up with waste when its clogged up with pollutants. Eating natural and organic foods allow your liver and colon to function correctly and eliminate waste from your body.4. Organic is Good for the Enviroment~ When organic food is grown or raised, there are no chemicals or toxins to pollute our lakes, rivers and soil.5. Natural and Organic Food Tastes Better~ Not much else can be said about this....There is a huge difference between the taste of an organic apple and a conventionally grown apple. Try it for yourself and see!

~The Most Heavily Contaminated Fruits and Vegetables~Apples, Cherries, Peaches, Strawberries, Pears, Spinach, Bell Peppers and Celery.NATURAL AND ORGANIC FOOD RECOMMENDATIONS

Eggs and Poultry~ Regular chicken and eggs are comtaminated with antibiotics and salmonella bacteria, among other things. Buy the naturally raised, organic chicken. Look for the organic eggs that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.Red Meat~ Most meat is grain fed, which causes it to be full of pesticides and herbicides. Growth hormones are also used to grow the cows. These steroids cause them to grow about 5 times as fast as a normal cow. You end up eating these same steroids, you also get fat. Way too many antibiotics are given to the cattle, which creates super bacteria resistant to most antibiotics. Look for the GRASS FED, organic beef. This meat is high in Omega 3''s (good fat) and it doesn''t contain any of the junk above. Its is also high in conjugated linoleic acid which helps you lose weight and protects against heart disease.Dairy and Butter~ Regular dairy products are loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones. These hormones mess with your own hormones and lead to weight gain. Because the toxins and chemicals are stored in fat, butter is full of them. Switch to the organic versions of both butter and dairy products.Fish~ Big fish come with high amounts of mercury, PCB''S and other contaminents. Farmed fish have the highest levels of these toxins. There really aren''t any organic fish. Eat wild, smaller fish. Alaskan salmon, mahi mahi, halibut and sardines are good choices.Oils and Nuts~ Because these are mostly fat, they''re full of toxins. You can aviod most of these toxins by buying the organic versions.Bread~ Look for organic, whole grain bread.Fruits and Veggies~ Contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, fungicides and herbicides. These are linked to many different types of cancers and degenerative diseases. There are also many unknown effects. Buying organic fruits and vegetables is a big step in creating a healthier lifestyle.***Natural and organic foods can also be bought frozen******VITAL CHOICE is one of our favorite sources!******Please click on the picture to see their products*** return from the natural and organic food page to the DIET page here!



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