Lean Healthcare Services - Lean Healthcare Green Belt Certification

Lean Healthcare Services - Lean Healthcare Green Belt Certification

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Green Belt Certification: Healthcare Program Brochure

Examples of Green Belt projects previously undertaken include:

Review of pre-analytical handling of samples by specimen reception to reduce the potential for errors at the alliquoting stage; improve turnaround times; reduce the number of aliquots required where separated samples are needed; and develop an efficient schedule for batch deliveries

Reduction of Emergency Department (ED) laboratory turnaround time for specimens from time of order to time of completion

Review and analysis of client laboratory supplies management process to reduce turnaround time for the delivery of client supplies

Plan and execution a Kaizen Event to reduce waiting time and the risk of cross infections to the public staff, and other patients; eliminate the need to purchase further infusion pump; and increase elevator time for the public, hospital staff, and patients

Execute Lean analysis and develop a plan for achieving improvements ie reduce waiting time and queues, increase safety, quality, and efficiency,ensure standardized processes and procedures

Execute Lean analysis in the nutrition serivce department to develop a plan for achieving improvements, ie

create a Just-in-Time service based on customer needs and wants, improve patient satisfaction with breakfast, thanks to an increase in choice

The planning and executing of a Kaizen Event of reasonable scope and pre-agreed impact to improve the registration experience for patients and thereby increase satisfaction scores

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